Home Invasion, Sexual Assault

60% of all Sexual Assaults happen during a home invasion.

This is a sad incident that hopefully sparks awareness for anyone that owns a home. Im glad she got away but protecting yourself from home invaders can be solved by getting a home alarm system. Video surveillance definitely would have helped in this situation! Protect yourself and get your free alarm system today


Burglars Are Smarter Than Most People Think

Burglars are smarter than most people think

. Here is one method of breaking in that is not commonly known to most homeowners. Having deadbolts is not all you need for home security. Home security systems are essential in today’s age! In addition home security systems are more affordable than ever. Email us today about getting your free alarm system with Direct Protect.

7 Year Old Boy’s 911 Call- Home Invasion

This is crazy. Luckily that little boy knew what to do. Home invasions happen all the time. Fortunately this time it was handled. However 7 out of 10 home invasions can be stopped. One of the most important things you can do for your home is get a home security system to help prevent events like these. Click the link below to get your free security system today

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