Home Security Tips

There are a lot of things to consider on the subject of home security. What do I need in a home alarm system? What alarm company should I go with? Who gives the best customer service? Will my dog trip the motion sensors? How fast is the response time? What can I afford? These are very important questions to ask yourself when considering home security and there is nothing more important than the safety of your home and family. Well let us tackle these questions on at a time.

What do i need in a home alarm system?

This is a very important question to ask. The design of a home alarm system is different for every home. Here are the basic components of any.

Keypad/panel & Siren: It is important to get the Keypad/panel that is easy to use for you and your family and has a built in siren.

Contacts: Contacts cover all the known points of entries. The most important are the doors. A vast majority of break in attempts happen right through the door. The reason for this is it sounds like a door slammed and your neighbors write it off. So you want to make sure that all of your doors have contacts on them so it trips the alarm if anyone tries to kick it in. Next are the windows. Any window that is susceptible to a break in should also be covered. Most break in attempts do happen through the doors but they do happen through the windows as well

Motion Sensors: Now motion sensors are a very important piece of equipment. You don’t need many but they cover the house just in case the bad guy comes in through some unusual method that did not trip the contacts. The motion will still catch him! Also if you have a pet that stays inside the home you might want to ask the security rep about Pet Immune Motion Sensors.

Video Surveillance: Video surveillance is becoming more and more important. What you need is a camera system that you can view from anywhere and will record on it’s own when an event happens. With the wireless camera’s that Direct Protect provides you can view them from your smartphone or computer at all times in real time. In addition, if a break in attempt does happen it will automatically record the event, email it to you, and send it to your phone

Yard Signs and Window Decals: These are not just for advertisement of your alarm company. They act as a deterrent. Having yard signs and window decals makes you 2 to 3 times less likely to get broken into. Think about it a bad guy is going to look at your house, see you have an alarm system and then go to your neighbor who doesn’t have a alarm system

Smoke and Heat detectors: These are optional. However I highly recommend them. There are two upsides to having your smoke and heat detectors monitored by a security company. The first one is if heaven forbid a fire does occur and your home we already know about it and have called you and the fire dept. out to your home. So you can concentrate on getting your family to safety instead of trying to get to a phone as well. The second one is if your not home especially if you have a pet. If no one is home to know there is a fire you will lose everything. A fire doubles in size every 30 seconds. The quicker it reported the less you will lose. So know your home is protected even when your not home.

Carbon Monoxide detectors: This is a subject that has been coming up more and more often. It is odorless and tasteless and it is the leading cause of poisoning deaths in the nation. It is required by law to have them in your home. So why not have them monitored by a alarm company. Direct Protect will call you if the co2 in your home ever reaches a dangerous level.

Cellular vs. Land line:  Technology in the alarm industry has rapidly improved over the last few years. Land lines are out dated and not very efficient. There are a few problems with having a land line system. The first one is you need to pay for a land  line which not as many people need in today’s society. The second is all the bad guy has to do is cut the land line or rip the panel out of the wall. At that point all you have is an alarm that makes noise. The third problem is if there is a false alarm it sends that signal through the landline. Most of the time the alarm company will try to call the land line while the signal is being sent and get a busy signal. From there they will call the police and you will get charged for a false alarm.

With Direct Protect’s 2 gig alarm system everything is transmitted through a GSM system. It is not affected by loss of power or the land lines being cut. You and your family are protected at all times. You can also arm or disarm from your cell phone and get real time notification if the alarm is tripped or turned off. You will know what goes on at your home at all time!

What alarm company should I go with?

There are a lot of alarm companies out there to chose from. So how do you “the consumer” pick what is right for your home and family?  You want a alarm company that has a great product, amazing customer service and the quickest response time. With Direct Protect you are in good hands. Direct Protect has,

A 5 diamond award winning monitoring facility

24/7  protection for police, fire and medical

Been named top security monitoring company of the year in 2008, 2010, and 2011

Has been named the top alarm company of the year in 2008 and 2010

A life time warranty on all parts and labor

Fastest response time in the industry!

What can I afford?

Getting an alarm system has never been so affordable. Especially with this Sponsor Home Project. We will cover all the essentials of your alarm system. That’s right get your alarm system for FREE! The monitoring rates have never been better either. Just pay a little over a dollar a day to make sure you and your family are always protected


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